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As the summing up of the Ecovacuum project has shown the modern vacuum cleaner VC, is greatly overpowered and wasteful of energy.

And that it should be redesigned to run on lower power i.e. 500watts over the next few years.

The high power consumption has been brought about mainly by the necessity to use higher powered motors to compensate for the very dense filtering of the exhaust air.  

And secondly by the publics misconception that higher power means a better cleaning vacuum cleaner.

The Ecovacuum project also suggests that the manufacturers should reduce the power of the machines over the next few years to reduce Co2 Emission.

The best solution to this problem is to employ air recycling technology ART which removes the need for expensive and heavy filtering of the air.

And because it returns the air back into the system the energy that is contained in the returned air stream reduces the amount of power required to drive the fan.

This makes it possible to achieve the same cleaning efficiency as a 2,000 watt machine using less than 250 watts.

In addition to this ART produces a much quieter machine and because the motors are smaller the cleaner is not so heavy.

It does not blow air around the room disturbing allergens and causing them to become airborne.

The air recycling cleaner ARC can reach far higher air speeds.