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Technical Info.

This picture below shows the inside of a modified Vamp 70 Vacuum Cleaner.


The white rubber strip in the area around the holes acts as a seal when the top is in place. It is to stop the forced air stream from escaping back down to the floor in the wrong place.

The air stream must be returned to the front of the rotary brush so that it will be taken up into the rotation of the brush and through the pile of the carpet. It is then drawn into the air intake to the dust container before being sucked back into the fan. All of this takes place independent of the ambient air pressure.

In the production model more space would be given between the holes and the front of the cleaner. This would improve performance by allowing the air to expand more at this point just before being returned to the brush housing.

The small dedicated brush motor shown in the centre of the picture has been fitted to make the action of the rotary brush independent of the fan motor.

This has the advantage that when reducing the power supplying the fan down very low typically less than 100 Watt it will not be slowed down by the drag of the brush.

The energy saved in this way more than compensates for the power drawn by the extra small brush motor.

All of my recent tests have indicated that the air recycling cleaner is now  more efficient than any type of cleaner at present on the market.

A truly EcoCleaner.

(c)  Edginton  2009

1/ More Efficient. Using only 10% of the power of the Vacuum Cleaner

2/ Healthier. No air is returned to the room to blow allergens about.

3/ Lighter in weight due to smaller motors.

4/ Quieter.

5/ Should cost no more to manufacture.

6/ Very Eco friendly.