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This picture shows one of the first Prototype CAFC Systems attached to an Electrolux Cleaner.

It was very reliable but because it was made from aluminium it was not suitable for high volume production.




The Picture below shows three of the many air flow assemblies that where designed and constructed during the development of the Captive Air Flow Cleaner.

They were built from aluminium, wood, screws and rivets.

As the poor condition of them will indicate, they have spent a long time under the bench, and had to be rescued in order for these pictures to be taken.


Below is a picture of the final design that was tested by volunteers in their own home.


In the final design, on the right the expansion chambers and air ducts have been made as an integral part of the cleaner.


This has removed the need for external parts, made of metal, and also improved the appearance, and reliability and will  reduce the cost of manufacture.