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Flying Kites European Standards 737, Energy & CO2

In the UK alone Air recycling Technology can save 1.5 Terawatt of Electricity per year worth £225 Million Pounds at 15p per unit
This represents a gain, saving 645,000 Tons of C02, Carbon emissions each year in the UK, and possibly 20, to 30, Million Ton’s Globally

Tests By Intertek for the DTI have shown that the Captive Airflow Cleaner using air recycling technology use only 25% of the electricity used by a Vacuum Cleaner a saving of 75%. Recent modifications have greatly improved on this figure.

The DEFRA, Market Transformation Programme, reports that Vacuum Cleaners in the UK use, 2 TWh of electricity each year.
It then follows that air recycling technology can save 1.5 Terawatt of electricity each year in the UK.

See example below of what 1.5 Terawatt hour is equivalent to.

A Boeing 737 Carrying 106 passenger’s and cruises’s at 800 km an hour.
Its range is 3,500 km and it consommés 3,000 Litres of jet fuel type 33.2 MJ/L. Per Hour.

To use up energy equivalent to 1.5 Terawatt hour of electricity a Boeing 737 aircraft carrying 106 passengers, would have to fly for over Six Years none stop (54,218 hours) and travel 1,079 times around the World.

(43,374,400Km) At 800 km per hour this would take 6.19 years to do
The Fuel is Kerosene type jet fuel, type 33.2 MJ/L (33,200,000 joules per Litre.

1 KWh of electricity = 3,600,000 Joules.
So by dividing 33,200,000 J by 3,600,000 J we show that 1 Litre of fuel is = to 9,222.Wh.


  1. 5 Terawatt hour = 1,500,000,000,000.Watt hour. 1 Litre of fuel is equal to 9,222. Watt-hour.

Divide 1.500,000,000,000, by 9,222. And the answer in Litres is 162,654,521 and is equal in energy to 1.5 TWh. of electricity

In other words the amount of energy that can be saved each year by implementing Air Recycling Technology in the manufacture of Cleaners would keep a Boeing 737 when using 3,000 litres per hour in the air for 54,218 hour’s or over six years.

162,654,521 litres divide by 3,000 litres per hour = 54218 hours, or when cruising at 800 km per hour a total of 800 x 54218 = 43,374,400 km

43,374,400 km X 0.62 = 26,892,128 miles.
The distance around the world is 24,906 miles so
26,892,128 divided by 24,906 = 1,079 and that is the number of times around the World the 737 could fly on 1.5 Terawatt of energy.

So there it is the Air Recycling Cleaner can save 1.5 TWh of electricity per year in the UK, and that is equal to the Energy used in a Boeing 737 to fly 1079 times around the Earth.

And just for the record 1.5 TW of Electricity at 15 p per unit would cost two hundred and twenty five million pounds (£225,000,000.)

All this just by using a different type of cleaner in the UK.
If the whole World began using Air Recycling Technology the CO2 emissions would be reduced by about 20 to 30 Million Ton’s per Year.

Please go through my web pages to see how the Air Recycling Technology can also help to reduce health problems.

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